Soil & Foliar Synergy

Soil is a complex and dynamic structure made up of dirt, water, air, and microbes. Microorganisms in the soil break down organic matter, providing nutrients to plants. Insects and worms improve soil structure, helping it to hold more water. Plants improve soil stability, so it can better survive heavy winds and torrential rain. However, soil degradation is a major issue and we must rebuild the humus levels, stop the loss of top soil and decimation of key creatures in the soil.

NxtTech will help farmers and growers cost effectively increase soil organic matter content, stimulate soil biology, improve physical structure and ultimately improve crop yields.

Foliar sprays are used to supplement and augment rather than replace soil applications of nutrients. OSA is typically applied to the foliage of crops however, it is important to understand that foliar and soil should work synergistically to create a balanced and effective system. Poor soils will impact the performance of your foliar systems.

Geoxol soil conditioner improves soil health and maximises the availability of nutrients in the soil and Silixol strengthens the plant and helps the nutrient uptake by the roots.