Calfuze is a proprietary water-soluble blend of essential nutrients fortified with encapsulated silicon.
Residue-free and certified organic (input) in Australia.

Product Type: Specialty Nutrient
Available Packing: 1 kg
Application Technique: Foliar spray

Calfuze is a proprietary blend of organically chelated water-soluble essential nutrients fortified with encapsulated silicon. It is a source of organic calcium free from nitrate and chloride which is often deficient in acidic soils and is preferred by berries and apples. The combination of calcium, boron and bioavailable silicon (ortho silicic acid) facilitates the assimilation of all other nutrients efficiently and strengthens biochemical and physiological mechanisms within the plant for improved growth even under variations in climatic conditions. Calfuze helps maintain the structural integrity of cell walls, which is vital for fruit quality and tensile strength of skin of fruits with extended shelf life.

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