Silixol OSA

A proprietary formulation based on patented ortho silicic acid (OSA) technology. OSA is the bioavailable form of silicon and is readily absorbed by plants which assists with plant nutrient uptake. Contains 2.0% OSA (measured as 0.6% silicon).
Residue-free and certified organic (input) in Australia.

Product Type: Specialty Nutrient
Available Packing: 1 litre
Application Technique: Foliar spray

Silixol helps to alleviate abiotic stress in the plant (eg. temperature fluctuations, water shortage, excess rain) and soil related stress (viz. Acidity, Alkalinity, Salinity, heavy metals toxicity). Silixol has been proven to increase resistance against biotic stresses such as fungal, bacterial, insect and mite attacks. Its unique formula enhances greater uptake and utilization of nutrients for optimum growth under stressed conditions. This helps improve overall plant health, yield and quality of produce.

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