About Us

About NxtTech

NxtTech is a company based in Melbourne, Australia and is focused on bringing innovative and environmentally friendly crop nutrition products, biostimulants and micronutrients directly to farmers and growers including stabilised ortho silicic acid (OSA) which delivers silica in plant available form and helps alleviate abiotic and biotic stress, improves resistance to pest and disease attack and ensures better utilisation of available nutrients. OSA is also beneficial to animals.

Our products are designed to enhance biological activity in the soil, provide energy to the crop and build internal resistance to pests and diseases. Improving soil health is a key focus.

We have established strategic relationships with innovative specialty nutrient companies. Our ability to build long and close working relationships with our clients is one of our strengths and we look forward to helping farmers and growers improve the efficiency and profitability of their operations.

We will continue to expand our product range for agricultural use and animals and plan to introduce products for human wellness in the future.